Here’s some of the things that people say about getting acupuncture treatment from Stephanie:

“I started having acupuncture treatment with Stephanie after I had damaged my right shoulder, leaving me with restricted mobility and discomfort with movement.  After the first session there was a noticeable reduction in the tension and discomfort, and after several weekly sessions I could move my shoulder freely without any tension or discomfort. After each session I would feel totally relaxed and invigorated.  Highly recommended, Thank You!!” – TD.

“Stephanie has treated me for several problems and her treatments have been of great help. After treatment I realise that my physical pain has reduced and my mood is improved; it’s not instant relief but gradual and with no pills.

I find that acupuncture has a very calming and relaxing effect on me”

“Stephanie is an excellent practitioner and I highly recommend her!  Her compassion and understanding has helped me immensely.”